When is divorce mediation an option?

Divorce mediation is a choice.

Parties can decide to move away from the hostility and conflict associated with a divorce process which, in itself, keeps them connected in a destructive way.

Often when one of the parties in a divorce has not worked through the reasons for the breakdown, the urge is to blame and punish their partner by demanding unreasonable settlements.

This cycle is often fueled by high-conflict litigation between lawyers and court applications.

But is this really necessary?

Divorce mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes in a flexible and confidential environment.

The parties consult with a neutral and independent mediator and, through a process of constructive negotiations seek to find a workable solution to their unique situation--after all, they know it best.

Mediation is an option when:

- The decision to proceed with a divorce is mutual or has been accepted by both parties

- Both parties are emotionally ready to proceed with a divorce and move on

- Both parties wish to find a solution that is fair and reasonable

- Both parties are open and honest in terms of full financial disclosure

- They have minor children and regard their spouse as a good parent

- They want to maintain effective communication in the interest of their children

- They want to save time and legal costs

A mediator cannot make any decision on behalf of the parties but they are instrumental to guide the parties and help them through a process of negotiations to reach a settlement.

“The best way to resolve any problem in the human world is for all sides to sit down and talk.” - Dalai Lama

You have nothing to lose. Why not try mediation?

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