Co-Parenting during extended Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic and imposed restrictions on co-parenting have led to a lot of confusion and have created new challenges since the start of Lockdown. On 16 April 2020, further amendments to the regulations were issued in terms of certain requirements regarding the movement of children.

When transporting the children, the co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights must have in their possession either of the following documentation or a certified copy thereof:

  1. Court Order;

  2. Registered Parenting Plan;

  3. Registered Parental Responsibilities and Rights Agreement;

  4. Birth certificate of the child or children to prove a legitimate relationship between the co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights;

  5. Such applicable further forms or permits depending on each situation: Full details can be provided upon request.

Subject to the further requirements, co-parenting and contact during this time is still possible and encouraged to ensure the best interests of the child.

We have now worked with clients who co-operated with each other during this time and navigated the changes as best they could in the interests of the children whilst still keeping them safe at all times. Unfortunately we have also seen parties who tried to manipulate the situation in order to restrict contact with the other parent, ignoring the children’s right to have contact and a meaningful relationship with both parents.

The regulations are certainly not intended for any party to refuse contact or to act vindictively. This behaviour may lead to further court action to the detriment of such a party at a later stage.

This is a time, more than ever before, to act in a fair and reasonable manner.

Feel free to contact us should you require any further information or assistance.

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